Accident/Incident Policy

Policy & Procedure


Employees must report all accidents or incidents resulting in injury or illness, regardless of the severity, occurring during the course of employment with Track & Tie Printers.


In an effort to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, accidents and incidents that occur on company property or during the course of employment with the company must be reported. It is the intent of the company to minimize accidents, incidents and illness by correcting identified causes when appropriate and feasible.


The accident/incident reporting policy requirements apply to all accidents and incidents involving company employees, contractors and visitors, which result in (or might have resulted in) personal injury or illness.


“Accidents” are events that cause injury or illness to a person. Even “minor” injuries such as cuts or sprains are considered accidents. If in doubt, treat a situation as if it was an accident.

“Incidents” are near-miss events that have the potential of causing personal injury. Any event that causes damage to the company property is also an Incident.

“Occupational Accidents” are accidents that occur to a company employee while conducting work-related activities for the company.

“Non-occupational accidents” are accidents that occur to company employees or visitors, while they are on the company premises or out of company premises conducting activities on behalf of the company.



Employees are responsible for:

    • Reporting any conditions that they consider unsafe to their supervisor or management.
    • Promptly reporting occupational accidents and incidents to their supervisor or management.

Failure to report any occupational accident may result in negative points for the performance.

The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for:

    • Obtaining prompt medical treatment for the injured employee and securing the accident scene as appropriate.
    • Reporting occupational accidents or incidents to the Executive Director as soon as possible, but no later than 2 working days following the accident/incident.
      • NOTE: In the case of accidents that result in a fatality or the hospitalization of three or more employees, the report must be submitted IMMEDIATELY.
    •  Assuring proper employee involvement in occupational accident investigations in an attempt to get their input into the case and corrective actions.
    • Correcting unsafe conditions and actions that contributed to the accident as appropriate.
    • Assuring the emergency equipment i.e., the fire extinguisher used in the accident for which the department is responsible is replaced or returned to normal operating condition.